How did I get here?

The hiking adventure experience in the Lewis Hills area is comparable to none for scenery and geological wonder. There is a hiking trail which starts at the Lodge and travels along the hill side to numerous vantage points for viewing the Lewis Hills. The trail leads to a route into the hills that allow clients to pass below Chrome Point on Blue Hills then proceed to cross the Fox Island River. This river is very unique because it is fed by mountain springs causing the water to be very clear and cold. The river is home to many species of trout and Atlantic salmon in the summer.

Our hiking guides can lead you into the Hills to reach the summit or Cabox. This trip is for the experienced hiker and is designed to be a multi-day camping excursion.

A catastrophic collision occurred on the west coast of Newfoundland about four hundred and sixty million years ago. A west-moving section of the earth’s crust met with the continent of North America. On its front edge it carried a mass of heavy rock that had its origin one thousand kilometers to the east and more than five kilometers deep inside the earth’s crust. That mass of peridotite was deposited, and after millions of years of snow, rain, frost and the inexorable grinding of the ice age glaciers, became the Lewis Hills as we know them today.

These hills are more like mountains actually; with the highest peak in Newfoundland at 814 meters (2674 feet) is the Cabox. The only trails present are those from the moose and caribou etched into the country side. The Lewis Hills area contains plenty of wildlife, wilderness areas, spectacular canyons and snow that can remain until mid-summer.


Guided hiking tours are available on a daily basis: $250 per guide/per day, up to 6 people per guide.