Lewis Hills Lodge is located in Newfoundland, the most Eastern province in Canada. Newfoundland is a beautiful rugged island in the Atlantic Ocean with an abundance of wildlife and diverse landscapes. We are based out of the town of Stephenville which is located on the west coast portion of the island.

The Lewis Hills Lodge is a tourism operation which offers adventure tour packages designed to give groups of outdoor enthusiast’s unforgettable wilderness vacation experiences.

The major attraction of our outdoor experiences is a section of the Long Range Mountains called the Lewis Hills.


“A catastrophic collision occurred on the west coast of Newfoundland about four hundred and sixty million years ago. A west-moving section of the earth’s crust met with the continent of North America. On its front edge it carried a mass of heavy rock that had its origin one thousand kilometers to the east and more then five deep inside the earth’s crust. That mass of peridotite was deposited and after millions of years of snow, rain, frost and the inexorable grinding of the ice age glaciers, became the Lewis Hills as we know them today.” These hills are more like mountains actually; with the highest peak in Newfoundland at 814 meters (2674 feet) is the “Cabox”. This area is comparable to none for scenery and geological wonder.

Our local guides will lead you to some of the most rugged, unique and beautiful landscapes in eastern Canada. We specialize in adventure tours which utilize snowmobiles, ATV’s, dual purpose motorcycles and hiking trails. A guided tour by us is guaranteed to leave the outdoor enthusiast with unforgettable memories.
Come and experience an adventure tour and the accommodations at the Lodge while admiring the breath taking scenic view of the Lewis Hills!