A large moose is encountered on the trail. Our snowmobilers take a good look.

We offer guided adventure tours to remote wilderness areas that are accessible by snowmobile only, areas that are comparable to none for scenery and geological wonder.

Clients can utilize their own personal snowmobile or a rental snowmobile can be arranged. Snowmobile tours are for everyone, from the first time driver to the advanced rider. Guides will help to ensure safety and comfort.

Departures are from the local snowmobile association parking lot in the community of Cold Brook next to the town of Stephenville. Clients’ trucks and trailers can be left in the parking lot. Parking passes and trail passes will be required at an additional cost of the clients.

The country surrounding the Lodge is known for its consistent annual snow levels. The abundance of snow, groomed trails, wide-open bogs, mountains and old logging roads makes this area one of the premier destinations for snowmobiling in Canada. The area is a snowmobiler’s paradise! Check this out…..


These three snowmobilers are riding on a mountain, while overlooking the Atlantic ocean. Where else can you see that!

Experiences can vary from four hours to five days while enjoying the first class accommodations at the Lewis Hills Lodge. Contact us to discuss the tour package that best suits your needs.

A snowmobile Lewis Hills escape awaits you!

The ultimate winter outdoor getaway!


Guided snowmobile tours are available on a daily basis: $250 per guide/per day, up to 6 people per guide.

Snowmobile rentals can be arranged on a daily basis starting at: $250 per day + fuel.