ATV in the middle of “nowhere”

We utilize both the ATV and the UTV (side by side) for summer off road adventure tours. Your adventure will begin from the community of Cold Brook next to the town of Stephenville and is virtually endless because or the abundance of usable terrain to explore, from miles and miles of logging roads to the province-wide decommissioned rail bed.

Clients can utilize their own personal ATV or a rental can be arranged. Clients also have the option of being a passenger in a four seater UTV.  Tours are for everyone, from the first time driver or as a passenger. Guides will help to ensure your safety and comfort.

Tours can be for a single day or for multiple days utilizing the Lewis Hills Lodge for accommodations. The scenic hotspots, including the Lewis Hills, are viewed from ridges and mountain tops that are reached by traveling on second generation commercial logging roads and hunting access trails.

Let our guides lead you into some of the most rugged and beautiful landscapes in Newfoundland. Some of the best scenery, wildlife sightings and people anywhere in North America will take you on a journey of a lifetime.

A guided tour by us is guaranteed to leave the outdoor enthusiast with unforgettable memories.

An ATV Lewis Hills escape awaits you!

The ultimate summer recreational vehicle outdoor getaway!


Guided ATV tours are available on a daily basis: $250 per guide/per day, up to 6 people per guide.

ATV rentals can be arranged on a daily basis: $200 per day + fuel.

UTV (side by side) tour rates are based on a minimum group of four for one UTV and a maximum of eight for two UTVs.

4 Clients – 1 UTV  =  $400 per day     8 Clients – 2 UTVs  =  $800 per day